Our Experience

We decided to set up this training academy as we have found that there has been a lot of demand by dance schools to learn the art and technique of Vegas Showgirl dancing – and with our experience within the industry as professional Vegas Showgirls on cruise ships, trade shows and productions – we can teach you the art of the trade – from the basics of getting that beautiful arched bevel to those lovely high kicks.

All levels welcome

The best thing is – you do not need ANY experience to become a showgirl instructor – all we ask is that you love to dance and have the fitness level required to teach an hour long dance class. We promise you – this will be the best course you ever do – full of fun, glitz, and plenty of showgirl sassiness.

What is the cost of the course?

The course Is £159 and you will learn everything you need to learn within one day. Following on from this – we offer a subscription service where you pay £15 monthly to become part of Supreme Showgirl Training Platform.  This will make the running of your classes SO EASY! We do all the work for you – and provide a new routine for you to teach in class each month, where we will break it down for you to teach your showgirl students.

What is covered within the course?

Your basic Showgirl warm up

This is different to most fitness warm ups and focuses on gentle limbering exercises to get those long limbering showgirl legs. We will teach you how to create a warm up that is specific to the showgirl form of dance.


One of the most IMPORTANT parts of a showgirl routine.  From mastering your posture to keep those gorgeous showgirl headdresses balanced on your head to perfecting that beautifully arched foot – we will give you the tips you need to give your students that perfect showgirl pose. This is essential when they are all dressed up in showgirl feathers posing for photographs in their first show – choreographed by yours truly!

Showgirl walks

You can’t be a showgirl without truly mastering the showgirl walk. We will prep you with corner work to give to your students and show you how to truly break it down.

Showgirl routine

Each month you will be able to learn a new routine courtesy of our showgirl training platform. On the training day you will learn the routine to ‘Viva Las Vegas’ – a showgirl staple. There will be so many more you will get to learn through our programme to include Moulin Rouge, Can Can, Samba and much much more…


One of the most important ways to sustain a business and to help grow your pool of students is through marketing. We will teach you how to maintain and grow your school of students and give you ideas for your social media pages. You will also be promoted through our own professional supreme showgirl pages where we have clients all across the country.

Your SHOWGIRL pack – You don’t walk away empty handed! On completion of the course you will receive:

  • Supreme Showgirl Pass Certificate
  • Feather Boa (come in handy for routines)
  • A 10% discount code from Showgirl Shop
  • Your own hoodie personalised ‘Showgirl Lizzie’
  • Free online advertising on our company website, twitter and facebook accounts
  • Part of our annual Supreme Showgirl show

What are you waiting for?

We promise you – starting your own showgirl class/school will be one of the most exciting things you have ever done. We will help you achieve your showgirl dreams and have A LOT of fun doing so – it is quite possibly the most sassy, glitzy, empowering forms of exercise for women out there.

We have showgirl instructors all over the UK and are recruiting for more from your area.

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