Well, it’s not every day you get to perform at palace….. so we thought we would write a blog about the most amazing wedding we performed at on Saturday Evening.

Christopher got in touch with us at the start of this year, looking for entertainment as his grand wedding in the beautiful grounds of Eltham Palace. He decided that he  would like 2 sets of routines, with the first half being a nod to traditional Vegas Showgirl/Moulin rouge then transporting their guests to the 1920’s with a fabulous great Gatsby set.

With that in mind, we worked together to come up with routines to 4 fabulous tracks;

  • Lady Marmalade
  • Show me how you burlesque
  • Putting on the ritz
  • A little party never killed nobody

Once the music was decided, we got straight to work on the rehearsals. I wanted to ensure that the dancers really had that extra wow factor for this event and really went to town on the costumes/props. For Lady Marmalade and show me how you burlesque, I used the tradition glitzy vegas showgirl costumes – and then for the Gatsby set I adorned the girls with black wigs, canes, flapper dresses and 1920’s head bands! We had a lot of fun rehearsing in the wigs, It was difficult for me to recognise which dancer was who, as they all looked so similar!

On the day, we drove down to London and were extremely excited to see the venue that was Eltham Palace as we had heard so many fabulous things about it. We always like to have a little look into the venue we are performing at for any booking and on research, we read that Eltham Palace is an English Heritage site (a 1930’s millionaires mansion) – an unoccupied royal residence and owned by the crown estate. It has been said that the internally Art Deco house is a ‘masterpiece of modern design’ – you will see some pictures of our girls inside the venue later on in the blog.

Once we arrived – we drove across the moat to the palace – it felt like we were back in medieval times – except we shouldn’t of been arriving by 4 x 4 it would of been far more appropriate in a horse drawn carriage (not sure where we would of put the feathers though!)

After meeting with the concierge,  they led us to our changing rooms, where we met a lovely group of contemporary dancers from Laban who were performing before us. We watched them rehearse before they went on and they looked incredible with their long lines, quadrouple pirouettes and astounding flexibility!

Once the girls were adorned in their sequins, we were led to the Great Hall ready for our first number. As we took a peak inside, we were completely breath taken as it was one of the most spectacular venues we had ever performed in (and we’ve been fortunate to dance in many beautiful places!). As the girls took their places to perform Lady Marmalade & Show me How you burlesque I stood side stage and watched the audiences faces  gasp in delight as the girls high kicked, shimmied and twirled.

Here are a few photographs that the professional photographer caught of the girls in action:-

!About Supreme Showgirls

After the girls performed their burlesque set, it was straight into a quick costume change ready for their 1920’s sequence. We had a lot of fun putting the wigs on the girls – some of them have such thick hair, it was quite a challenge! We managed to capture some gorgeous photos of the girls in their 1920’s gear before they went on stage, it was great seeing them in something so contrasting to the costume they were wearing previously – as you can see, they were having a great time!

After the Gatsby set was complete, the girls changed back into their large luxurious red feathers ready to take photos with the guests, mingle and hand out drinks. I was delighted when Christopher and Joey took time out to thank me especially for the entertainment we had provided that day. They even went to the expense of sending us a card to thank us for everything we had done for them.

We would just like to thank Christopher & Joey for choosing Supreme Showgirls for their entertainment and allowing us to be part of such a truly magical day.


Supreme Showgirls Xx